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High cholesterol has no symptoms. A blood test is the only way to detect high cholesterol.

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The New Science of Fat Loss-Internal Medicine -


It’s been said that you need to burn 3500 calories to lose a pound. Whether you’re exercising more, eating less food—or some combination of the two—just thinking about that many calories could be an intimidating experience.

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Thousands Of Lives Could Be Saved By Simple Test To Help Diagnose Bowel And Pancreatic Cancer


A simple online calculator could offer family GPs a powerful new tool in tackling two of the most deadly forms of cancer, say researchers.

Academics from The University of Nottingham and ClinRisk Ltd have developed two new QCancer algorithms, which cross-reference symptoms and risk factors of patients to red flag those most likely to have pancreatic and bowel cancer, which could help doctors to diagnose these illnesses more quickly and potentially save thousands of lives every year.

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TrueCare consists of a group of healthcare professionals committed to providing high quality, accessible Primary Care to Middlesex County and the surrounding areas. Comprised of a majority of primary care physicians, Board Certified in Internal Medicine, these providers are here to serve the healthcare needs of the community from daily care to urgent care. Aligned with the flexibility of schedules and a variety of tests and diagnostics, our group is here to provide comprehensive services while working closely with affiliated institutions and other providers to ensure optimal quality healthcare is available and obtained in a timely manner, all in one convenient location.
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TrueCare’s services are designed to take care of you and your family’s primary health care needs. We provide a full range of services for both children and adults, saving you the cost, time, and occasional confusion of consulting separate physicians. Our services include—but are not limited to—general check-ups; immunizations; EKG; blood tests; and pre-operative exams. Please visit our ‘Services’ section for a complete list and in-depth description of our services.
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